The Last Falls Standing : The Mystical Dodiongan Falls
  Future Plans

Future Plans for Dodiongan Falls

Iligan City is a miraculous place with the abundance of very beautiful, interesting waterfalls. The Place gets its electricity from these falls and consumes it for family’s sake. This place is not only dripping with waterfalls but also has the most generous, kind and hospitable people living. There are also lots of beautiful place which is then conserved and developed by the people living in it. This place was once name the most industrious place due to numerous factories which are operating but then later call the City of Waterfalls.

Dodiongan Falls-one of the most majestic, splendid, superb waterfalls found in Iligan City. The falls is located at Digkilaan, Iligan City. The excursion going to the place only takes not more than 30 minutes.

Government people are now improving the state and the ambiance of the place. There are lots of projects being impose to work these things out. And many of the people in the said place want it to be done already. The place is very interesting to stay at. There are lots of trees and a very cool place.

At future time, there will be lots of cottages and even housings for the people who will visit there. The place will be renovated. And the road in going there will be repaired and cemented. And also bridges will be set-up in order that the people who will visit it will not have a difficulty in crossing the stream. There are lots of hospitable people who will guide you in going there. This place will be conserved by the people living near in it and as a result, there will be more jobs available for the people and they will earn more money that will help them decline poverty.

You will experience an adventure and thrilling trip in going there. It is very exciting and surely you will find time to go back into the place once more. Hope you go there………


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