The Last Falls Standing : The Mystical Dodiongan Falls
  Tree Planting


 Why Did We Initiate Tree Planting?


For so many years, we have learned that trees are commonly used for the preservation of our Mother Earth. Not only can they help in cleansing our air supply and in the process, reduce the effects of global warming, trees can also be used as an alternative in maintaining the flow of waterfalls. Did you know that they actually have a major role on this process?

When it rains, the land will absorb all the water and stay at the bottom. What’s keeping the water there in place are the roots of surrounding trees. And as the ground water is preserved by these roots, the water would evidently be used as emergency supply for nearby falls in times of heavy or prolonged periods of drought.

Unfortunately, despite this profound knowledge, a great number of falls have dried up due to the increased denudation of trees.

Where has the promise “preserving Mother Earth” gone to now? Too bad this promise is easier said than done. For this vow to become reality, we must all help in our own way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be mind-blowing nor does it have to be historically monumental. Small things come first before you get to the big stuffs.

These “small things” are now slowly but surely administered by a handful of selected students. They were given the task to initiate tree planting in an exotic place known as Digkilaan. This is for the maintenance of its beautiful falls.

This is just but the beginning of our never-ending task in saving our home. Let us all help in doing small yet significant things to further preserve Mother Earth. Not only do we save our world, but also most importantly the ones living in it.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting 2

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